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Noob needs Spark Configuration help

I recently left a company that was using Spark as their IM client. I’m looking to use Spark IM at my new current company. I installed spark on a windows laptop, but it can’t find the server when I created my account. What did I miss? Do I need Openfire first? Do I need to isstall Spark Server on my desktop before I install Spark IM? Do I have the wrong syntax for the server? I need help, please?

  • Joey

Spark is a chat client, and Openfire is the Chat server. Unless you are using a public XMPP/Jabber server (I wouldn’t for a company, privacy and data sensitivity reasons), then you will need to setup Openfire to be your company’s chat server. Setting it up on your desktop will work, however you will then need to be on 24/7, and whatnot. Probably better to set it up on a server.

Jason -

Thanks so much for the reply !!! Now it all makes sense. D’oh !!