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Noob question: How to install plugins?

Hello, sorry if this question was discussed, just point me to that thread. I have not time for forum recently.

My prob:

I have overwritten 2.1.2 release on top of daily build (on linux). And i have copied plugins jars to plugins dir. But i cant find any plugin on plugin page in AC.

HTTPS, Firefox.

P.S. wish all a nice chatting today, i have to see my doctor today, so i think i will be totally late this time:)


Did Jive Messenger extract the JAR files automatically, at least? Also, are you using the plugin versions from the plugin download page?



what you mean extracted? Should Jive create directories broadcast and search in plugins dir? Well, there are only jars. Yes, i’‘m using plugins from plugin page. I’'m starting Jive with deamon (jive user). Ou!:slight_smile: There is no permission to write in plugins dir for jive user!:slight_smile: Again my fault:) Sorry. Will try it tomorrow.

so it were the permissions:)