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Not able to add or see any other user

I am using jive 2.1.2 for windows in a win2k box.

The client software is GAIM, the user database is the Jive internal option .

GAIM correctly connects any registered user but it does not “sees” any other one.

Tried with only 3 users registered, using the web adm interface everything seems right.

But if I try to IM any other user I get my msg bounced back…

If I try to add to the internal GAIM list any contact I got replied as adding “myself” to the local contact list.

Example : present users A, B.

If I am A and try GAIM to add user B ; I got a msg stating that A is trying to add A to his “buddy” list. If I continue I get A contact in the buddy list , if I try to send an IM to A I get a window with both the first and second msg being the same.

I noticed this behaviour with several other clients… Exodus, PSI…

What I am doing wrong?

The logs of JVM are mostly “nullpointer” errors…

Sorry for my bad english.

Dumb question: Do I need any special group to the any other contact ?

or am I doing something that I should not ?

My English is not good too:) So i didnt quite understand you. “Other” users? What do you mean other? When using Jive messenger you can add users in Admin Console, or they can register in Jive Mesenger by themselv. And then you add them to groups and share if you want. You dont have to play with roster manually. You are trying to add some users which are registered in Jive database? Or maybe these users exist in some outside network? Or maybe these users are registered in Jive Messenger but they dont belong to any group?


The users are registerede in the jive server. but they are not in any group.

The same situation still happens if I make a new group and add them to the that group.

Do I need the group to see any other connected member?

One that I noticed is that each person makes a new session does a session needs to be unique in order to see the other users ?

For clarifying purposes I am only trying to use the jabber server as an internal IM system, so there is no other users besides those registered at the jive internal database.

The ability to see other users depends on settings you have selected when creating groups. Yes, i think Jive Messenger logics let you see only users who belongs to some group.

After some reading and adding a group with only 3 elements…

I still get the same problem…

One of the elements has the admin option activated.

Lets say user A and B.

User A or B are validated and connected (at least the web page session shows correctly) but in A if I try to send an IM to B I get the msg that “A” is trying to add me (A) to his personal list?!? (options in GAIM authorize or cancel) …

If I say “Cancel” nothing happens … If I autohrize I get a new user (A) in my local buddy list and if I try to send a msg I get both send and receive msgs…

Any more ideas ?

This behaviour happens both with groups or withõut them…

What am I doing wrong?

hm… can you try to do the same with some other client? Exodus, Psi. BTW, what version of GAIM are you using? latest?


I am using jive 2.1.2 and Jabber protocol plugin for Miranda and have same problem

latest JabberG Protocol version is, but i think it still not stable and buggy (after i’'ve read comments). Have to test it though, but our server is offline for a while.

Hey guys, I also had this problem with Gaim. Eventually, I figured out that when you add a Jabber buddy, you have to specify their screen name like this:


for example:


When I have made so, authorization has really earned… But at authorization by user A of user B, at contact list of user B user A to become all time offline

Package Example :


Thanks all but problem is solved.

As far as I know the problem was solved by user@server as the only way to add and validate a new user in the local buddy list.

Just to add another is comment:

I have tried several (PSI, exodus, GAIM ,etc ) jabber clients and all of them displayed the same behaviour…

Nevertheless none of them indicated that trick…

Thanks all…