Not able to export Chat Messages

Hello Everyone

I have been facing an issue with the export functionality. If a chat room has 500+ messages. When I try exporting it. It is only exporting the first 100 messages. Do we have any constraint on it?
If it’s there, then is there any way to export all the messages in a particular chat room.

OpenFire Version 4.6.8
Monitoring Service 2.2.1

Sorry to hear that you’re running into an issue!

How exactly are you trying to ‘export messages’?

Please note that Openfire 4.6.8 is (very) old. I suggest that you upgrade to the latest release if you can!

I am using a Strophe.js to send a query to fetch all the messages. But it returns only 100 oldest messages and in the end it gives me the first and last id of the message.

<iq xmlns="jabber:client" type="result" id="f640629e-2912-4235-9160-6ee0dc8fcf90" from="119_98_95_99_104_97_116_105_100_95_112_119_101_108_108_49_112_119_101_108_108_49@conference.ia-5cd132dl9k" to="scmanager@ia-5cd132dl9k/7wg7n1b414">
	<fin xmlns="urn:xmpp:mam:2" queryid="export">
		<set xmlns="">

Ah. That is intended behavior, aimed at preventing accidental floods of data.

If a result is getting to large, the amount of data is being limited. You can paginate through the result to retrieve all data in a couple of requests. This process is defined in XEP-0059: Result Set Management

Thanks for the confirmation. Will try that