Not able to get joined rooms in smack 4.1.0 rc1


I am trying to get joinned rooms using below code but not able to get it.

MultiUserChatManager multiUserChatManager = MultiUserChatManager.getInstanceFor(tcpConnection);

try {

List joinedRooms = multiUserChatManager.getJoinedRooms(tcpConnection.getUser());

Log.i(Constant.TAG, "Joined Room Size= " + joinedRooms.size());

} catch (SmackException.NoResponseException e) {


} catch (XMPPException.XMPPErrorException e) {


} catch (SmackException.NotConnectedException e) {



Can any one help me to do this?

Is there anyone?

Instead of answers, two questions:

Why do you use the 4.1.0-rc1 when there is already a final 4.1.0 release?

Did you try debugging using the the smack debugger as is described in the documentation?