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Not able to login with existing account


I installed the Plugin InVerse and can only login with users, which are located on the localhost.
When trying to login with an existing account of another server i get an Authentication failure (Your Jabber ID and/or password is incorrect. Please try again.)

Are you running multiple Openfire servers, each serving a different XMPP domain? If that’s the case, then you should be able to use the JID of your user to login. Instead of the username, use username@xmppdomain to login.

Hi guus.

Thanks for you reply.
Yes, atm i also have a ejabberd server on a second host. I tried to login with the JID of the ejabberd server and get this error.
When i use this JID on official https://conversejs.org/fullscreen.html the login works as expected

Hmm, unsure. That is supposed to work, unless you locked the configuration of inVerse to one domain. Can you check if you have the ‘locked’ setting disabled, as shown below?


Hu guus,

no the box is not checked.

The XMPP domain name that you use, that is resolvable (through DNS) from all the places where you want to use the web client?

Yes. As far I can see, there is nothing wrong.
It is only for test so I guess I can post the domain here.

Today i set up my live server with external mysql server and sadly running into same issues with accounts from other domains