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Not able to paste screenshots in conference

Hi! In conference i cannot paste screenshot, but in contact list it’s work. Will this be fixed in new versions of spark?

I have moved your post to separate thread as it is not related to http file upload plugin.

No, it is not planned to change in new versions of Spark. Because screenshot sending button uses same standard file transfer mechanism, which is not supported in group chat for XMPP standard (which Spark is using). The only way is to use HTTP File Upload plugin and upload previously saved image/screenshot as a file. Unless someone programs a button for group chat which makes a screenshot and then uploads it automatically via HTTP File Upload as a link to a group chat. But Spark doesn’t have active developers currently, so probably will never happen.

Now I have an openfire server on debian. I need to have the functionality of sending screenshots to the conference, not as a file uploaded to a HTTP server, but through the clipboard. and so that other participants can use the preview of this screenshot without download the file to computer. I tried different clients: Miranda, Spark, Psi, Psi+, Pidgin, Gadjim, but they all do not know how to simply send the file to the conference, I do not consider the latest version of Spark. How can I implement the functionality I need? Maybe openfire can not provide this feature?

I don’t think regular group chat service supports sending files directly into a conference. Newer standard MIX (https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0369.html) seems to have an option for this, but it is not implemented in Openfire. You may try looking for a server that supports it (maybe ejabberd or prosody). And then you will need a client supporting it and doing it the way you need (by showing a preview). If you are a good XMPP developer, maybe you can do everything yourself, but it seems to require a lot of work (customizing server and then a client or creating your own client). Sorry, no easy solution or advise here.