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Not able to redirect after the login using ijab

Hi I am trying to run ijab with openfire server.
After a few changes here and there I was able to get it up as in when
I enter the username and password it shows the “connected,getting
roster” message but then nothing happens. The user gets online even on
the openfire server. But I am not able to view anything after that
other than the same messgae on login prompt.

Can some one please help me what else have I missed or what could be
the issue. Any help on that will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in
advance ( have been stuck with that for around a week).

This sounds like an issue with ijab. I would try getting support on their end.

HI, If you have got the solution kindly let me know. I am facing the same problem.

Hi anupmatrix

The way I got it working was… I added a friend using jwchat and once a user has a friend he or she will be able to login (after you have reached to the point of getting the message " connected…getting the roster").One more check is that the table jiveRosterGroups.It should have no entries…if it has some entries then the groupname should be buddies in order to get the ijab work.

Could not still manage to get it working without friends.

Hi Chhavi,

Yhanks for you reply, but in my case, there mauy be 1000 users joining per day, I cannot manually add the record from jwchat. even if I am able to do it using CURL or SOAP, How can I login to other networks lke yahoo, MSN, gtalk etc… ? this problem is blowing my head…

One option can be to add oneself as friend(i.e make a default entry in jiveRoster table) while the user is added on server and restrict the deletion of one’s own self from friendlist.

you could use a combination of available openfire plugins and group sharing to autopopulate rosters. Again this is an issue with ijab not openfire. You should be asking your questions on their server.