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Not able to see the group members

I installed the open fire. I’m able to login as the administrator and create new users. But when I’m loging from the client machines i’m not able to see other members of my group. I used pidgin as my chat client. Thaks in advance

Bineesh K.B

you mean like my attachment?? you can see another users online on their group

What efendi is trying to suggest, you need to enable sharing for a group, for it members to be visible to other members of their group. Or you can also share it to other groups too.

sorry for the delay. I can not see the other users on this group

I tried the same but not able to see any of the users

can you give me your users?

for instance : in accounting there are some users such as A,B,C,D,E,F

in IT there are G,H,I,J,K,L

in operational are M,N,O,P,Q

just give me 2 groups which contain only 3 users on every group,i will teach you how to display the groups

Or show us a screenshot of one of your group’s Options page. This page is shown when you click on one of the groups (URL e.g. https://servername:9091/group-edit.jsp?group=groupname)

thank you sir,

I’ll prepare the users and groups as you said and let you nknwo the details.