Not-acceptable xmpp-stanzas error sent to server while authenticating

Installed 64bit latest build of Spark on disk which runs 64bit windows 10. no response received within reply timeout when authenticating. client signs in following error. IM messages load delayed. Looked for earlier build to install but didn’t see install on project’s site. How can I remedy this?

I’m not sure what is causing this problem (more information is needed for that).

Earlier builds of Spark can be downloaded from the ‘Downloads’ page. There is an ‘old versions’ link in the Spark section.

I found where to download earlier builds, they didn’t remedy the issue. What additional information can I provide?

Try finding clues in the log files.

Spark has log files in the folder %appdata%\Spark\logs
Openfire has log files in a logs folder in its installation directory