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Not all Jabber implementations support setProperty/getProperty?


I am using OpenIM as the server.

I try to send a message with a property :

msg.setProperty(“prop”, new SomeSerializableObject());

When the other end receives the message, the entire “properties” section (in XML) is out.

Here is the SENT log for the sender:

ariane-rpcmessagerO0ABXNyACxjb20ubmVvcGVhay5zbWFjay5BdmFpbGFiaWxpdHlSZXF1ZXN0 TWVzc2FnZQVHZkdZv/pAAgAEWgALX2Nvbm5lY3RpbmdJAAlfbnVtUm9vbXNMAAhfY2hlY2tJbnQAEExq YXZhL3V0aWwvRGF0ZTtMAAlfY2hlY2tPdXRxAH4AAXhwAQAAAApzcgAOamF2YS51dGlsLkRhdGVoaoEB S1l0GQMAAHhwdwgAAAD7fh3S3HhzcQBAAN3CAAAAPtHdLceA==

Here is the RECEIVED log for the other end:

<message to=’‘hotel@localhost/Smack’’ from=’‘webapp@localhost/Smack’’>ariane-rpc

Seems like OpenIM hides the properties section in the xml message.

Is this possible ? I thought that Jabber implementations didn’'t process the content of messages… was I wrong ?

Is Packet.setProperty and getProperty mechanism reliable and supported on every server ?

Thanks in advance.

This would be a bug in the OpenIM server. An XMPP server is supposed to pass the entire packet through and not just the parts it understands.



It seems like openIM actually modifies the original message.

So OpenIM is not standard-compliant.

Nice to know.

I tried with jabberd 1.4 and everything works fine!


im having exactly the same problem with OpenIM. My Problem is, i really want to run a java server, so im kind of stuck with OpenIm. Is there another way to transfer small files from one client to another? It is actually an xml file that i want to send, but i’'d like to send it as a file and not write the whole xml file to a string and then send it as a normal text message and then convert the string again back into an xml.

Any thoughts ?

Cheers for any help!


Why not use Jive Messenger? There are also several other Java commercial servers.

If OpenIM doesn’‘t pass along custom XML elements in messages, it’'s totally non-compliant and not even worth using as a server.



Thanks matt, actually your right, the reason why i’'m using OpenIM is:

-its free

-its open source

-it was really easy to install, e.g. i didn’'t have to set up a database to use it

but if i cant solve the problem tomorrow, i think i’'ll change the server…