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Not all yahoo accounts work

Dear all

I have openfire Version: 3.7.1 … and i installed Kraken version 1.1.3beta3

The problem is most of yahoo account does not work … only about 10% of yahoo account works only and the others are showing me this error when i am trying to connect

org.jivesoftware.util.log.util.CommonsLogFactory - Never logged in, sessionStatus is: CONNECTING

Any help please

Thanks in Advance

Krakeb plugin is not in development anymore. If it is a bug, it won’t be fixed.

Thanks wroot for ur reply, but is there any alternatives plugins for openfire which work with yahoo?

Spectrum (a replacement for Kraken) is still in development and i don’t know of any other active and working transport plugins. PyAIM-t seems outdated and probably has same problems.