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Not allowed: the group account system is read-only

Not allowed: the group account system is read-only.

thats when i try to create a group.

Here’s my LDAP settings if that helps:

Base DN:
Administrator DN:

Openfire has a read-only connection to your LDAP server. You cannot create users or groups via openfire admin if you are using LDAP. All users and grups must be made on your LDAP server directly. This is not an error.

thank you

You are welcome. Please mark this as answered and award points, unless you have another question about this issue.

But, if i want add contact from google talk to the public roster on our server, how i can do that?

You can’t. Gtalk accounts would be a server to server contact or a gateway contact. Either way it is an individual roster entry, done per user from their client.

Thank you, I was having the same error.

Could you assist me more to get all the users to spark client because spark is not showing any on-line user.

Hi there,

I understand that Openfire can’t write back to the AD and this feature is highly appreciated by our windows AD administrator. But I’ve just integrated our XMPP with Jitsi and there’s this idea floating around that we could give certain customers and partners access to our chat without adding them to the AD.

For now our Jitsi portal (specifically the focus server) can stay connected as anon, but I’d prefer it to have an non AD account on the server.

Can I use multiple User-Databases (MySQL on the Openfire host AND LDAP) side by side?