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Not getting contact's presence status

While using the gateway plugin… I can connect without any problems. BUT when the gateway is sending over presence information… I’m not getting a status node with it… only the actual Transport name is sending the status with it’s presence message… for example.

I’ll get an incoming presence message from the AOL Transport and it will contain a status tag showing “Online”

but if one of my buddies come online I get a presence message without any status tag… it just shows that it’s a presence message and who it’s from.

I don’t believe the status tag is required. It’s only included if the target user actually has a “custom status” string set. There’s nothing wrong with just sending:

to represent an available status, as far as I know. I don’t actually understand why you would be getting a presence stanza from the transport itself with a status of “Online”. As far as I know I’m not setting that. Hrm.

:_| arrrrrrrrrggggg I feel so stupid…

When using XIFF … the “status” property isn’t what you look at to determine if a user is online or offline you use the “show” property … the “status” property is just like a little extra tag line that users can set.

I got it all worked out now… thanks for trying to help Jadestorm.

PS. WONDERFUL PLUGIN by the way!!!