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Not loading plugins. Again. (2.2.1, Slackware)

Saw similar threads here and in Jive Messenger Dev, but still - this issue seems unresolved.

My setup:

  • Slackware Linux 8.1

  • JRE 1.5.0_04

  • Jive Messenger 2.2.1

Jive is up and working pefectly, except for one thing - plugins are not being loaded.

I am aware of JM-359 being closed, but that’'s not the case, since all plugins (even with mixed-case names) are successfully extracted, but not loaded.

Debug Log shows this:

2005.09.14 20:26:22 Extracting plugin: userimportexport

2005.09.14 20:26:23 Extracting plugin: registration

2005.09.14 20:26:23 Extracting plugin: presence

2005.09.14 20:26:23 Extracting plugin: contentfilter

2005.09.14 20:26:23 Loading plugin admin

Any ideas?

P.S. Will try to rollback to 2.2.0 now.


Rolling back to 2.2.0, running as jive, running as root, setting 777 on /opt/jive_messenger (a terrible cut on sysadmin karma) - nothing. Plugins extracted, not loaded.