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Not notified when contacts come online

Hi there,

Sorry if this is a redundant question; I’'m new here.

I have openfire 3.3.2 running for a small (~20 users) company. All of the employee info is stored in an LDAP directory and everyone is in an LDAP group called “Staff.” I want everyone’‘s contact list to get populated with group “Staff” every time they log in. I’'ve gotten this to work by going to Users/Groups, then Group Summary, and then enabling contact list sharing for the staff group.

When I log on to the jabber server, I only get a list of who’‘s currently logged on. If someone logs on after I do, I don’‘t get a notification that they’'ve logged on. How can I be updated when someone logs on and off? Obviously a static contact list is just about useless.


Robin Walsh

i have the same problem. is this openfire related or spark related?

Well, I’‘m not using spark; I’‘m using pandion/gaim/pidgin/kopete/psi whatever client works. I thought it was working with Pandion but just found out last night that it’'s not…

Any help would be appreciated.