Not receive some mesages from ICQ users

use plugin - Beta 6b

When I send message - pepoles reseive my message. (in any encoding)

Send and receive any message (in any encoding) with ICQ users under 2003a

Send and NOT receive message (in standart encoding and with previous any encoding) with ICQ users under 2003b

Can you help me?

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Exactly the same here - no incoming messages from contacts using ICQ 2003b, no problem with others.

Not that this is really what you want to hear, but it’'s a known problem:


On a bright note, I know exactly what in the protocol is different between other ICQ and ICQ 2003b and have coped with this scenario with PyICQt. So once I have some time to sit down and fight with it, it shouldn’'t be hard of a fix.


And how long does it take to fix this bug?


With PyICQt, only took about 30 minutes. =) With this, I don’'t really know until I have time to sit down and look at it.