Not showing contacts as online

We are currently using Spark at my job for internal chat only and it runs on an internal Jabber chat server.

The issue we are having is some people though they are signed in are not showing up as online. I have checked all of their settings and all seems good to go. We have tried removing them and readding them to the contact list and they still show as offline. We have deleted their account from the chat server and had them recreate as well and this does not fix the issue either.

Any ideas of what we might be missing?

Wow what an out pouring of help…

We did not determine a caise for this but it seemed that if you reinstalled their client and then removed and readded them to the contact list it worked fine. Turns out uninstall and reinstall seemed to be the key. So if anyone else has this issue there is your answer.

My guess is that the user may have initially declined the the invitation to chat/add user to roster. But that is just a guess. In the future you could just delete the individual’s spark settings folder from their profile.