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Notification by email

We are looking for a chat solution. I’ve installed openfire and spark and they almost do what I want.

I want the server to send users a notification email whenever they are mentioned in the chat room.

As an example, hipchat uses @username.

So, I might say @brad Do you know why the build server is failing?


@all Anyone going to the game tonight?

Any ideas?

Are there plugins that will handle this?

It looked like someone was writing a plugin for this very thing about 5 years

ago but I don’t see any mention of it since.

Alternately, if you don’t have this notification, how do people know to join in

a discussion that involves them?



I don’t believe any such thing exists currently. Although the community would surely love a contribution if you are able to make such a thing!

As far as notifying someone when they are mentioned, i think there is a setting that will bold their name when it’s mentioned… maybe that helps?

Yes, the only options available in Spark is in the Group chat part of the Preferences: “Highlight my name when someone says it” and “Show toast popup when someone says my name”. This means, that you have to be in the room to get such notifications.