Notification of new mail to a specific user

Hello is There a plugin to notify you of new mail to a specific user ?

There is Email Listener plugin which sounds like what you need Ignite Realtime: Openfire Plugins

This plugin for one mail ? How do I work with multiple e-mail ? for user1 (xmpp) , for user2 (xmpp) , for user3 (xmpp), etc.? Where can I see an example of the configuration of this plugin ?

Yes, it looks like this plugin can notify multiple xmpp users, but it can only check one email account. So it is only good for notifying about new emails of some shared mailbox with multiple users. I don’t know of any other plugin for Openfire for email listening.

Sorry. I really need to do notifications about new messages from different e-mail

Maybe there is some way to do this ?

As i said, i haven’t heard about such plugin. At least there is nothing similar in the official plugins list.

If you have coding knowledge or can hire someone it is probably possible to create such plugin (based on Email Listener). Email Listener plugin’s source is available here Openfire/src/plugins/emailListener/src at master · igniterealtime/Openfire · GitHub But i can’t suggest anyone available for such work.