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Notification when multiple login

Hi all,

I choose “always kick” when multiple login happens with the same resources. How can the clients kicked by server be notified by server? How to listen for the kicking event on client. Thanks!


Thats a selden use case, because if there is a conflict, then it’s usually the same client that takes over an old connection. And if you don’t care for stable resources, you should consider using something like UUIDs for the resource.

Anyway, the old connection will be terminated by the server. This means for XMPP over TCP connections, that the TCP connection will be terminated, which would result in a connectionClosedOnError callback when it comes to Smack. The situation may be different with BOSH connections.

Thank you for your reply. I am using asmack on Android and I want to avoid multiple login. After being kicked, the clients should know what happened. I think I should use UUIDs. Do you have any better idea? Thanks.