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Notifies arent working

So, today i’‘m not getting any notify. And i’‘ve noticed that this is a constant problem, though normally i’‘m not getting only some notifies. Today it’‘s total blackout. I cant check all the forums and all my threads everyday so i’'m totally depending on watch system.

Hi wroot,

Are you setting category-level watches? If so, do you see them in the Control Panel > Your Watches?



I have only News forum watch if you mean that as a Category watch. And it’‘s listed on Watches page. Then there are a lot of threads (automaticly set for watching then i reply or create a thread). Yesterday it started to work again. So i’'m marking this as answered so far.

Did you do anything special to get the notification to work again?

I haven’'t received a single notification, neither for new posts, new threads nor for new private messages :confused:

No i havent. But it was only tempraty problem. And you say you’‘ve never received any notification? Maybe this is your spam filter, or your email server’'s spam filter.

And check is notification turned on


Have noticed that recently i’‘m getting only a part of notifies, often there are 2, 3 replies in a thread and i get only one notify. Now i’'m looking through my watches (my own threads) and there are answers, but i didnt get notifies.

Hi wroot, have you checked your spam filter?

i didnt get a notify to this message too.

Usually i’‘m getting a lot of notifies daily, so it would be weird if spam filter would filter just some of them. And no, i cant find them in my mail servers spam bucket, nor in my mail client’'s spam training folder. They just dont arrive.

And as i said, this problem was occuring time to time. But now it seems to be constant, i’'m getting only part of notifies i should.