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NPE on RoomInfo:91

I’ve created MUC from external client on ejabberd 2.0, then connected with smack and tried to get RoomInfo.

Got NPE on line 91 in RoomInfo.java (no room description, I think)

this.description =


I’m running into this same issue using 3.1.0.

The problem is that getField is returning null, and the call to getValues throws an NPE.

There is more info on this archived thread: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/114097#114097

I’ve never run into this problem until we tried to use it against Jabber’s XCP server. I’m starting to think I have no choice but to fix it in the Smack code, and manage my own custom build of Smack, which I would really prefer to avoid. Are there any other options?