Nudge and Pidgin


I am using Pidgin to connect to my company’s OpenFire server. I can receive Nudge messages from people that use Spark IM. But, I the people that are using Spark IM cannot receive any Nudge messages from me. I get the info that:

Unable to buzz, because Vladimir Stankovic does not support it or does not wish to receive buzzes now.

I have made a comment on this very old issue [SPARK-531] Added the new “Buzz” feature, which allows users to give others a little nudge. - Jive Software Open Source which may be the starting point of the investigation.

Which Spark version is being used? I’ve found a ticket about removing Buzz feature in favor of XEP-0224.


It looks to me that current Spark version (2.7.0 nightly builds) may already have XEP-0224 support (but also having Buzz). Might need some testing with the latest Spark ll4j/spark_2_7_0_669.exe


Thanks for the answer. Guys over here are using latest stable Spark (which is IMO a bit long in the tooth). I’ll ask them to try out nightly build and see what happens.

I have tested with the latest Spark build and Pidgin. It’s the same. Though Spark does support Attention packet, but is not advertising this ability and Pidgin is waiting for an advertisement before it can send a packet. I was able to send a buzz to Spark from Gajim client with /attention command. I’ve found that Pidgin should have same command too, but it says “Unknown command” now and i can’t find any other command for this.

A developer who was working on this ticket is not active here anymore and there are no other active developers on Spark now, so it won’t be fixed soon.

unfortunate that Spark development had stopped. I realize that this would be a most low priority issue of them all. I can live without it