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NullPointerException createAccount()


i have a problem of nullpointexception with Smack v.3.1 when i using method createAccount().

The same piece of code, using Smack v.2.1, running correctly.

This is the code :


XMPPConnection con;

AccountManager am =

Map<String, String> informazioni = new HashMap<String, String>();con =new XMPPConnection(profile.getServerContext().getServerHost()); new AccountManager(con); informazioni.put(“name”, “” + txtName.getText());** informazioni.put(“email”, “” + txtEMail.getText());**** informazioni.put(“city”, “” + txtCity.getText());**** **

am.createAccount(profile.getUserContext().getId(), profile.getUserContext().getPassword(),informazioni);

Map<String, String> informazioni = new HashMap<String, String>();

Thanks for help me,