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Number of users in videoconf

Using ofmeet for videoconf in a local network 100 mb, with only one user send his video to the others, and the others only participate with voice.
How many participants can we be ?
Openfire v 4.5.1 and last ofmeet version
The computer hosting this videoconf is a i7-8700 3.2ghz (6 cores, 12 threads) and 32go ram
Thank u

May be my question was a litlle bit more specific…
Moore simple.
Do have limitations number of participants with ofmeet ?
Is somewhere exist documentation about ?
Thank u

The OFMeet plugin was created for convenience, not performance. Its goal is to allow for videoconferencing functionality to be added to Openfire with ease. This solution is not optimized for raw performance/scalability. If that is what you need, then I suggest that you use a dedicated Jitsi installation.

Hello Guus,
Thank u for your aswer, and yes i know it comes from jitsi code, but ofmeet is very helpfull as a plugin if u dont have ubuntu server needed for jistsi videobrige package…Actually i use the one from Pade., it works like a charm with 30 paricipants.Of course we can always compile the jisti videobridge source code for others distrribution…
I have found some aswer about limitations here .https://community.jitsi.org/t/maximum-number-of-participants-on-a-meeting-on-meet-jit-si-server/22273/2
The tips is to bridge many jitsi videobridge server to obtain a large amount of participants.
May be will help others who can ask themself how much participants can we be.