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Numerous issues with Mac 2.5.0 release

We upgraded to 2.5.0 here, and have been noticing several issues with the Mac client (actually, I can’‘t be sure if they’'re issues with the Mac release, with Mac-to-PC interface, or, in some cases, with Spark 2.5.0 in general).

  1. It sets me as “Away due to idle” after ~10 seconds regardless of my preference, and regardless of whether I am active during that time. Setting the status back to Available works–for another ~10 seconds. Other activity doesn’'t automatically set it available.

  2. Voice chat with a PC gives no audio on the Mac end, and static on the PC end

  3. “Send screenshot” fails from PC to Mac…sometimes

…That’‘s all I’'ve got right now.

Any assistance would be most appreciated.

Timothy Collett


  1. SPARK-648

  2. Haven’‘t heard about this one yet. We’'ve tested voice chat on quite a few macs without problems. Any other clues about the environment? Any error messages in the logs (under Help/View Logs)?

  3. SPARK-649

For the other issues – voting always helps! You can see a full list of open Mac issues at: