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OF drops <status> element and nickname (XEP-172) on presence subscription requests


I am sending a presence of type=“subscribe” to another user in order to subscribe to its presence.

I am also adding a element to provide some additional text as suggested in:


The child MAY also be sent in a subscription-related presence stanza (i.e., type “subscribe”, “subscribed”, “unsubscribe”, or “unsubscribed”) to provide a description of the action. An interactive client MAY present this information to a human user (see Section 11).

I am also adding a nickname as suggested by XEP-172:


My outgoing presence looks like this:

Hi, please add me!MyNick

The problem is, if 222@dev is offline, Openfire will send only:

as soon as it comes online.

I believe this is a bug in Openfire, since it only stores the “presence subscription” status in the roster as integer value.

Can somebody comment on this issue please and maybe file it as bug in OF issue tracker?


Hi, i can try filing this, but i think. You are pretty active here recently and have some xmpp knowledge. Maybe you want permissions to file tickets? If so, which projects? Openfire, Smack?

Sure, why not :-). I am pretty sure, I could differentiate what is a bug and what not. I have experience with Openfire and Smack since ca. 2-3 years and I am also reading some XMPP specs since recently.

But be aware… I would also probably like to file some minor bugs then (which weren’t worth mentioning here in the forum).

I’m not worried about it. I file minor bugs myself Ok, this is my first time editing Jira permissions. I’ve added you to smack-developers and messenger-developers (old name for Openfire) groups. Relogin to Jira and try creating a ticket (maybe with a test title first, you can rename and fill it later). If this doesn’t work, will call for Daryl’s help (he’s Jira guru here).

Thanks for the permissions!

I’ve filed it as OF-732 and assigned it to Guus.

Ah, so this is where that explosion in my mailbox this morning originated.

Thanks for the issus, CSH. I found them to be clear and well documented. I gave them a quick once-over, and agreed with most of them.

I’m not sure in what timeframe we can address them, but feel free to attach patches if you can come up with any.