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OF380 database ofRoster and database schema

I am trying to end run certain parts of the Openfire database and have gotten a bit confused on two things.

The first bit of confusion is with the ofRoster table. I understand the purposes and values of all the other columns, except the rosterID. I have looked at the Openfire database that has populated this table, and I see no real corrolation to what the purpose of this column, and its value, are for. I have started going through the rest of the Openfire source code, and I have not been able to figure out the uses / purpose of the rosterID.

The second bit of confusion is with the entire openfire database. It would appear that there are not foreign keys / dependancies anywhere within the database. I tried to find a database schema that would outline / illustrate these such dependancies, but I was unable to do so.

Would anyone be able to tell me what the purpose of rosterID is? Also, would anyone know if there are any foreign keys / dependancies within the database? And, if so, where I could go to see that information?


K. Cummings


Openfire’s database is a mess. It was designed to be cross-database independent, so there is a lot of “least common demoniator” things going on with the schema and such. It was also designed many moons ago, when some databases lacked features that most all now have, like foreign keys.

With regards to ofRoster, rosterID is the tie back to ofrostergroups