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Offline File Transfer - Possible?

Hi all,

Example - I want to send a file to a user who is logged off (so that when they logon, they can get the file). Is this possible with Wildfire?



Hey Rob,

You can certainly do that. However, you should know that there are many different ways to transfer a file in XMPP. To make this work you need to use the IBB method that just splits the file in chunks and sends them as part of regular messages. Wildfire should be configured to store messages for offline users and the quota should not be exceeded.

Having said that, IBB is recommended as a last resort and only for small files.


– Gato

Thanks for your reply. What is IBB? I’'m still new to this…

I am using Exodus as a client - is there a better client for this? I go into Exodus, set it up so that it uses a webserver for file transfer, click on a person that is OFFLINE, and Exodus punts “cannnot send message to offline user etc”

Basically I am trying to use this in our tech department - if a tech is out of the office (logged off) - I want to be able to send him a file so that when he logs on, he can get it.

If there is a how-to out there on this, I would be eternally grateful,



IBB is Inband Bytestream. If I’‘m not mistaken, the file is base64 encoded, broken up into multiple XMPP packets, and then transmitted to the user. Both clients have to support IBB file transfers for this to work. I’‘ve not used Exodus much, so I don’‘t know if it supports them or not, but the XEP is http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0096.html. So you may want to look for clients that say they support XEP-0096 (if they don’‘t say specifically IBB file transfers). The only other problem I can think of is whether or not the client would have to accept the transfer before you client begins to send them the file. There are some other potential problems as well, but I don’‘t know if they’‘d impact the ability to do this or not. I’‘d suggest it might be better to get some sort of Jabber bot that allows you to send files to it, and then it places them at a URL (that is then sent to the receiving client) for later retrieval outside of Jabber. I’‘ve thought of writing something like that, but haven’'t done anything with it so far.