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Offline group push notifications

We are using openfire server for group chat functionality.

So Is there any plugin available for sending push notification to group from server end to the mobile users.

Currently we have implemented offline push notifications for android as well as ios.

What we have done is set a cron job on the server which runs at every 30 seconds, and separate messages from offmessagearchive table to group_push_notification table.

now i am using user_status plugin which helps me to get logoff time of every user who online and offline from xmpp openfire.

By comparing message time and logoff time of user i am sending push notifications to the offline users.

This process is quite long and so push notifications are sending almost in 1 minute rather than in few seconds.

Is there any plugin (which sends offline push notifications to group) which will do the job for sending push notification in a faster way like there is a plugin( named Offoflline ) for sending push notifications to offline user for person to person chat.

Any help would be appreciated.


do you find any solution for this problem??

me too having the same issue. Can you please send me the script or elaborate the approach used.

@Community, please see if any generic / faster solution can be provided.


Hi I also wanted to send notification in group chat using openfire. Can anyone guide me with the procedure.


There is a plugin for Openfire, called “Push Notifications”. Does that serve your purpose?

Can you share the jar for this plugin? Because I am unable to get it in available plugins.

One more thing I am trying to achieve here is system messages. For example If user left the group then It should show the system message as it display on skype and whatsapp chats.

I’m only now seeing that there has not been a proper release of that plugin - only a snapshot build (which will work just fine). See https://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/plugin-archive.jsp?plugin=pushnotification

Your requests regarding ‘system messages’ is an implementation choice of the client. Openfire will send out these notifications. It’s up to the client to show them.

Yes but it’s a forum chat so I need to manually set other messages as well

I added the pushnotification plugin but it’s didn’t sent any notification to other device.