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Offline-message - 20 minutes time-out?

If to add in mySQL in jiveoffline the message for the client, which now is in online, that message will be automatically sent in 20 minutes.


How to adjust wildfire on instant sending this offline-message to clients?

My message (in SQL):

INSERT INTO jiveoffline ( username , messageID , creationDate , messageSize , message ) VALUES (’‘myclient’’, ‘‘1’’, ‘‘00114’’, ‘‘102’’, ‘’’’)

Hey Kamikaze,

There are 4 cases where offline messages are loaded from the DB and delivered to the client.

  1. User logs in and becomes available.

  2. User is using url=http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0013.htmlFlexible Offline Message Retrieval[/url] to retrieve his offline messages.

  3. User is sending an unavailable presence and then an available presence again.

  4. User got disconnected and client automatically connected again

I think that option 4 is your most probable case followed by option 3. Some XMPP clients allow you to open a debugger window to inspect the XML traffic with the server. You should be able to figure out what is going on based on the debugged info.


– Gato


may I ask why you are using SQL to modify the jiveoffline table? It could make much more sense to write a XMPP client which sends the message instead of using a SQL client.


2 LG:

I want to create engine for online-game. Thus Wildfire will work only as a chat-server. And the second server (game-server) should make changes in mySQL

2 Gato:

It not one of 4 cases described by you! I thought that the delay for 20 minutes is any not documentary function Wildfire. But Unfortunately this was temporary effect. I shall try to restore options at which this effect worked…


if it is none of the options Gato did describe I really wonder what it could be. The method to deliver offline messages will usually not be executed.

I assume that you are using PHP and as PHP has a nice mySQL but no nice XMPP API this will be the more easy and not supported way.



The Client and a Server of Online-game should transfer the information of two types. It is a chat and the data. The best chat-server is Wildfie

The server of data processing of game is clone JabberD To this server it is attached DLL - “data_of_game”-engine. I already receive imitation of game inquiry from the client (XIFF) Now it is necessary to return information to the client through chat Wildfire. But the added record in mySQL (in “jiveoffline”) is set off as offline-message Though the client is in online.

( Games still are not present - is only first steps )

Though I do not know java, I experimented with OfflineMessageStrategy.class and also has received the answer in 20 minutes. But it not the correct decision.