Offline message became to ? when the user login in the morning

Hi, currently we got a problem is one user sent a offline message to a offline user, the offline user came to office next morning, he can receive all the message but the message became to ???.

I checked my server, the current offline cache size is 0.02M(cache summary), but in offline messages, Current size of all offline message: **86.78 MB. **I’m not very clear what’s different between this two function or actually they are the same?

Another question is how to clean the offline message(server settings), for the cache I know there is a option to clean. But for the offline message, I didn’t find where to clean it.


Caches are about what is stored in the server’s memory (RAM). The complete size of all offline messages is what is stored in the database. I don’t know of a way to clean the offline messages store via Admin Console GUI. The only way is to wipe that database table with some DB tool. But i don’t think that you problem is related to the size of offline storage. Looks more like an encoding issue. Are your messages in some non-latin language? Then the issue would be that your database is not set into Unicode mode. Your database administrator should be able to change that.

Openfire: Offline UTF-8 encoded messages are saved wrong - Stack Overflow

Thanks for you reply!

Actually my messages is in english, so it shouldn’t has the Unicode issue, and this issue only happens when the user is offline, do you think this issue is not related the offline message settings?

And one more thing is we do really want to know how to clean the offline messages, because now it is already 86.78MB, and it is still keep increasing, so we still want to find a solution to clean that messages. Any idea?


Still looks like some sort of encoding issue. Online messages go through the server and to the recipient right away, they are not saved in the database. Offline messages on the other hand are stored in the database and when a user comes online, the message is retrieved from the database and sent to him.

As i’ve said, there is no GUI option to clean offline messages storage. So you will have to use some DB tool to clean the table manually. Can’t help with that, not a DB guy myself. Look for the table ofofflinemessages or like that. You can also set the setting to Bounce, so it won’t store new offline messages at least.

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