Offline message bug

When sending offline message in Russian, user will receive it converted to question marks. Every russian symbol is stored as ‘’?’’ in the database.

I’'m using Mysql 4.0.26


did you add section of your wildfire.xml file like described here: tml ?



Could you please tell in what I must insert this addin?

Also ,when I’'m using embedded database the offline message delivary fails if message is in Russian or in other language. Is this bug (or not) of embedded database only or mysql would cause the same exception?



according to the documentation you want to insert it here:

I don’‘t use mysql so I can’'t confirm that this is the right place.

Are you using Wildfire 2.4.4 embedded_db and Spark 1.1.0 ? I tried it with the Euro Sign which is stored as UCS-2 in the database and it is delivered with another problem. The message appears two times.

sender (test60):

test60: Hallo ??? (*1)

some minutes later

receiver (test61) which was offline:

test60: (Offline) Hallo ??? (*1)

test60: Hallo ??? (*1)

closing receiver and reopeoning it, view chatlog:

test60: Hallo ? ?? ?? ? (*2)


(*1) three time the Euro Sign (u20AC)

(*2) three times a with ^ and a new page character (u00E2 + u00AC)

Spark has a bug while reading UTF-8 characters from the chat log, maybe it tries to read them as UCS-2 instead of UTF-8. Closing Spark will write the wrong-read chat log and thus remove a lot of information.


Hey guys,

The following KB documents might be useful for this question:

url= 2Using MySQL and Unicode with Wildfire[/url]

url= 2MySQL 4.1 or Later Character Set Configuration[/url]


– Gato

Thank you for the link to KB.

Everything works fine now.

Hi Gato,

i tried starting wildfire with -Dsqlfile.charset=UTF-8 and also set sqlfile.charset as a Wildfire system property. My embedded DB still stores everything as UCS-2. So there’'s still the problem that some offline messages are displayed two times, which may be caused by the damaged chatlog and is a Spark issue.


Hi it2000 ,

I’'m using Jive Messenger 2.3.0 server and my own client written on .NET

.Net Framework has no problems with encoding. I’'ve tested it.

When both users are online they receive correct messages without any problem owith encoding.

But offline message storage throws an exception if it is UTF8.

After this it’'s delivery crashes because of some undefined symbol.

Maybe it’'s because of embedded database.