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Offline message problem

Hi all

I met a problem about the offline message.

Here it is my code, quite simple

PacketListener pL = new PacketListener() {

public void processPacket(Packet packet){



PacketTypeFilter filter= new PacketTypeFilter(Message.class);

PacketCollector m_spool=conn.createPacketCollector(filter);


I create a packet collector after I login, but I never found any offline message in the collector.

I tried other jabber clients like Exodus. Every time after I login, I got my offline messages.

Does smack support offline messages? Does anyone know how to receive offline messages ?

Thanks a lot

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Message was edited by: liutg


In fact Smack supports offline messages. I can think of two things to check. 1) Check if you are adding the listener after the login. You need to add it before you login so you don’'t miss the offline message and 2) open the debugger window to check if you are receiving the offline message.


– Gato

Hi Gato

Yes, you are right. After I added the listener before I login, I got the offline message.

Thank you


Dear Gato

This topic is interesting and helped me solve a similar issue today. this should probably go into a list titled “Smack - Survival Guide”



I’‘m glad this thread helped you out of the problem. So far the best KB you have is this forum. FYI, I’'m writing a sample web ui that tries to illustrate the basic use of Smack and one of my objectives is to cover the FAQ I see in the forum.


– Gato