Offline Message Troubleshooting, where to start?

Hi All-

I’ve done a bit of reading around on this subject and I understand that offline messages are stored in the DB and it is the job of the client to pull them and display them to the user upon login.

So, this leads me to believe that when troubleshooting offline messages that are not being receivied that I need to look at Spark, not Openfire.

I have just received reports that some of my users are not receiving their offline messages. Unfortunately for me and them, I am in a different office from most of them.

What can I do from my end to try to figure out what’s going on on their end?

First of all check Server > Server Settings > Offline Messages and make sure you are storing offline messages and there is enough space reserved. I think it is Openfire pushing offline messages to a client when it goes online. Also, maybe those messages were broadcasts and havent been sent to all users, just to Online users.

Dont know how to troubleshoot it. You can try sending offline messages to those users and check whether they get them once they login. You can also check in the database, whether offline messages are stored, but i dont know the name of that table.

Thanks for the help. I should have mentioned, I did check those settings and my server is configured to always store offline messages.

I think I did find the name of that table somewhere, I’ll have to do some poking around and asking around to see which users have reported this issue. It sounds like its not a general bug that everyone is experiencing.

If anyone else has any ideas, they will be appreciated… although I think some leg work is required in either case.

ofOffline is the table where they are stored by the way, not that it’s hard to find!