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Offline Messages do not store for BroadCast Plugin

Hi All,

We have setup openfire to store messages to offline users with maximum storage of 1000KB (that is one mMB I suppose). However, when using the broadcast plugin functionality to bradcast messages to all members of a group no messages are store in the database for group members that are offline. This used to work a couple of OF versions agao, but in the most recent version it does not work. We have tried everytihing we could think of, installing - unistalling the bradcast plugin, setting on and off the offline save message paramter, but still no result.

Anyone has any ideas if this an inherent problem or how it can be fixed?

Regards to all.


How are you sending broadcasts? And what client do you use if you are sending them from a client. Admin Console built-in broadcast sending option always was sending broascasts only to Online users. This is intended. Some clients, like Spark, can send broadcasts to offline users, because they are sending a bunch of simple direct messages instead of a broadcast.