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Offline Messages Don''t Display

I just tested the offline messages functionality of Spark and there seems to be a problem.

I logged off, and then had another user send me 2 messages. The messages show up in the database correctly (jiveOffline table). When I log back on to Spark the offline messages are not displayed, but the debug window shows that they were delevered:



The sending client was Exodus, I’'m not sure if that has anything to do with it.

Hi Caleb,

I cannot reproduce your issue. However, that doesn’‘t mean it isn’'t wide spread. Anyone else repro this?



I get the same thing. Haven’‘t checked on the server yet, but users don’'t get offline messages.

Using Spark 1.0.3 on Windows on both ends

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Alright. So this looks like a regression. Will get the fix in the upcoming 1.1 release. Sorry about that.


I’'m having the same issue on mine (spark 1.0.3) The originator indicates it will be delivered the next login but when I login, no messages are delivered.

Yup. I reproduced this as well. I will be doing a 1.0.4 release since that was a regression.

Sorry about that,