Offline Messages Not Being Sent

I’m having a problem with some offline messages not being sent. The setup is 2 openfire servers (we’ll call them A & B) on two different boxes. Open up spark and send a message to an offline user on B from an online user on A. The offline user on B logs in, gets the message, and disconnects. Online user on A then tries to send offline user on B another message. This message is sent to server A (confirmed by enabling debugging in Spark), but server B never puts it in its offline message table. If I close the chat window in Spark, and then send a message to offline user on B, it goes through.

Via debugging in spark, I noticed that Spark is sending a message type of “normal” on the first send, and a a message type of “chat” with the thread field populated on the second message.

Any help?

Oh yeah, I have offline messages configured as “Store -> Always Store” on both servers. And there are absolutely no offline messages on either server at the moment of my tests.

Did some further debugging. Check this out, from the spark debugger, I sent the following ad-hoq messages to the server. Message 1 gets stored in the offline message table, message 2 does not. Message 1 is an actual message from Spark, Message 2 is an edit of it.

Message 1:

Looks like maybe a bug?

Can anyone confirm this bug is the problem I am seeing?


why should it be a bug?

The RFC reads “SHOULD treat the stanza as if it were addressed to user@domain if it is a message stanza”. If Openfire does not do this it is not a bug as this is not a “MUST”.


I don’t wish to argue semantics. Lets just say, without this “new feature” being implemented as the RFC “recommends”, I would not be able to use Openfire in my situation. So for me, it is a MUST, and in fact the latest code in SVN does fix this problem.