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Offline Messages with 2.1.0

First of all, I would like to say that Jive is a great product. I have been looking at several messaging systems and Jive has been very effective and easy to set up.

While I have had few problems, i have encountered one with the new 2.1.0 code. Whenever I attempt to send an offline message, the message is not stored. I am running the Jive Messenger on Win XP, with a MySQL database. Setting up the 2.0.1 server works fine, but I am unable to get the new beta to store any messages. I have tried upgrading database, I have installed a new server using a newly created database. All to no avail. Any suggestions?

Thanks for the bug report. I’'ll look into this problem and let you know if there is a fix for this.


– Gato

greetings from Spain I also have the same problem, using 2.1.0, Xp Pro and HSQL Database Engine 1.7.3

Hey guys,

The problem has been fixed. You can try out with tomorrow’'s nightly build.


– Gato

Just wanted to let you know that using the nightly build for 01-11-05 resolved the issue of not being able to send an offline message.

Great Job!! Thanks…