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Offline Messages

It doesn’‘t seem that anyone else is having this problem but none of our Spark clients show offline messages when you login. All messages are saved in the jiveOffline table in the DB fine, and they are deleted from the table when a user logs in. It just doesn’‘t ever show the user the offline message. I know the Wildfire server is working fine because other clients show the offline messages. I don’'t see any errors in the logs.

Does anybody have any ideas why they are not being displayed?

We are using multiple versions of Spark from 2.0.5 - 2.5.0.

Our Wildfire server version is 2.6.2.

Works fine here. Sending message in Exodus to offline Spark user. Then getting (Offline) message upon login. Spark 2.5.0b3 - Wildfire 3.2.2

How about changing your settings in Offline Messages in Server settings in Wildfire Admin console.

Try to change the settings to Store Then Always Store and assign a bigger size for the offline messages.

This is my Settings:

Offline Messages

XMPP provides the option for servers to store-and-forward IM messages when they are sent to a user that is not logged in. Supporting store-and-forward of ‘‘offline messages’’ can be a very convenient feature of an XMPP deployment. However, offline messages, like email, can take up a significant amount of space on a server. There are several options for handling offline messages; select the policy that best suites your needs.

Current size of all offline message: 0.02 MB

Offline Message Policy Bounce - Never store offline messages and bounce messages back to the sender.

Drop - Never store offline messages and drop messages so the sender is not notified.

Store - Store offline messages for later retrieval. Messages will be delivered the next time the recipient logs in. Choose a storage policy and storage store max size below.

Always Store - Always store messages,even if the max storage

Hope This helps.

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i dont remember what the default setting is for this section in server preferences. But he said that messages are saved in DB and deleted on user login. So, i think Store setting must be turned on already.

i have the same problem here. openfire server on 2003 terminal server on sql-express db and on the same terminal server spark as a client. Runs great expect the huge amount of memory burning but i can handle that. The only thing that does not really work are the offline messages. After a time there are a lot of messages in the offline tab on the sql-server and when i try to call the messages with the accounts, the entries in the tab disappear but no message is opened. Whats happening and where can i check logs for debugging? If i test it in realtime…i send a message to an offline contact and then log on with that contact the message is displayed…it looks like there is a problem if the messages are in the offline tab for a longer time.

Any ideas?

the offline messages are not delivered if you are trying to send broadcast messages to offline contacts. They appear in the offline table but are not delivered to the client when he logs on!

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We have the same problem, and it is definetily a Spark problem. OpenFire 3.3.2 and mostly PSI 0.1 but some Spark 2.5.5 (partly same User for testing, not startet at the same time). PSI will always receive messages that have been send while offline. Spark will allways ignore those messages - and as PSI will not get them later, they must have been received from the server. This is very bad as you have to make shure, that when sending a message the receiver has to be online at the end when pressing send.

Maybe this is the reason why sometimes Spark is not able to put the correct new day text in the message log within Spark.


Hi All,

Could you log out of Spark, go to the advanced section of the login dialog and enable the debugger. I want to see if spark is receiving the offline messages at all.



Or better yet If you could give create an account for me on your server and populate the offline messages for me, I can check myself.



This problem has been fixed in Spark 2.5.6. Messages received while offline will now show up when the Spark clients starts and logs in.