Offline Messages


How to display offline messages in a grid instead of displaying all of them in individual chat windows using XIFF

Backend takes care of that, thus any offline messages that it might store are sent to the recipient once login occurs.

There are XMPP extensions to make this feature more useful and controlled, but so far they are not implemented in XIFF.

In case you are using or testing with Openfire as the backend, it has settings for offline messages.


Sorry read your question too quickly and replied what I assumed was asked.

But instead the answer to your question is completely dependant of your GUI implementation.

Offline messages are using the “time” attribute, which online messages is null.

This might help you to differentiate between them and thus display them differently.

Hi Juga Paazmaya,

I have handled the offline messages and its working fine now

Hi, Knight Raider, I wonder how you get the offline messages and handle them.

i opted to drop the offline messages at openfire level

and implemented my own custom design …

Hi Knight Raider,

Can you please share your code which retrieve offline messages.


Sumeet Guha.


I will share the logical flow…

a) I have selected the option “DROP” offline messages in Openfire Settings…In Admin Console Server->Server Settings->Offline Messages…I selected DROP messages

b) Before sending a message to a user in my contact list i will check his presence…

c) If he is offline … i will update the message in a CUSTOM mysql table

d) when the offline user logins, i pushes a event that notifies him that he has received offline messages

e) He then can go to offline messages screen and select the messages…The old way of Yahoo messenger offline messages

hope ths will help u


Thank you for replying on my query.

But the issue at my hand is totally different as you suggest in reply.

I am developing an android application, and in that i want to get archived messages from server.

Since XMPP protocol related to archived messages and offline messages are too similar, and i hope logic of implementation for both of them is also same, thats why i asked that query from you.

But after viewing your reply, i think you worked on server side, and in your project requirement there is no any need to access server data base from client side.

If you can suggest me any logic to implement archived message accessing at client hand with the help of Smack library, then it will really benificial for me.