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OfflineMessageManager getMessages(List<String> nodes) method is too slow


I’m using Smack 4.1.9 for my android app.

I have found that OfflineMessageManager.getMessages(List nodes) method is very slow until it returns a List.

Regardless of the number of messages, it always takes about 5 seconds.

However, OfflineMessageManager.getMessages() method is quite fast.

What is the cause???

Is this a known Smack bug ??


Thanks for reporting. This should be now fixed in Smack 4.2.0-rc2-SNAPSHOT. Due the imminent release of Smack 4.2, this fix won’t go into Smack 4.1. I’d suggest that you consider updating to Smack 4.2.

Fixed with Don’t wait the reply timeout in OfflineMessageManager.getMessages(Lis… · Flowdalic/Smack@b5415fe · GitHub