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Offsite location can't connect

Our company has our main offices and a satellite office across the country that we just connected through a Pix to Pix VPN connection. We have an openfire server running in the main office and it works with no problems. All requests at the satellite office that are being directed to local addresses are automatically routed through the VPN to our home office and internet requests are sent through their connection directly to the internet. When I loaded spark on a system there it responds with the error “Can’t connect to server: invalid name or server not reacheable”. When I change the settings in spark to use the Old SSL method it will connect to the server but it will not see any other clients online and the server doesn’t even see it connected in the active sessions display. It did download the list of users though so there was a connection. I can ping the openfire server from the satellite office with no problem. Any suggestions??

Are all the ports open across the vpn for openfire to work? The fact that one method of connection partially works suggests that the ports are not configured correctly on the vpn.

Yes all the ports are open between the two sites. Anything that is sent to an internal address gets routed to the home network.

I would be willing to let the clients at the other office use the SSL method to connect, but is there a way to have them see everyone that is online. It just seemed strange to me that it wouldn’t see other online users.