Ofline file transfer issue

Dear All,

I have setup openfire 3.9.3 and spark 2.6.3 … and all is working fine but i do have a problem transferring files to user when he is offline.

let me explain

2 users … userA and userB

unow if userA wants to send file to userB and if userB is offline …

i see on chat window of userA… that the user is offline. Will auto-send “filename” when user comes back online.

Now when userB comes online neither the userA chat window or the spark main windows shows that userB is online … userB is still seen as offline ( grayed out)

but if any message is sent by userA to userB userB recives the message

hence the file is never sent to userB

but if userB is online and userA sends a file to userB userB receives the file perfectly fine.

just wondering what is the issue…

this is the most important feature of open fire which we are interested in

appreciate your help and advice



Messages always go client->server->client way, so they are still delivered even if the client is offline (they are stored in the offline storage on the server). Files are sent directly client->client, so both clients must be online to send and receive files.