Ofmeet 0.1.8 jingle nodes request error


I installed new openfire 3.10.0, and installed openfire meeting plugin 0.1.8.

But after I joined the conference with the second user, I got the above error in the Javascript console.

Any help, please?

I created two accounts for testing. username: test1/test2, password: pass

Thanks in advance!

install jingle nodes plugin to remove this error

Dele, Thanks for your answer.

Could you please help to explain that how openfire meeting process the hole punching?

Jingle Nodes? STUN specified in the settings? Do we still need TURN with NAT?

As we use openfire as video bridge, does this mean that it works as a media server? In this case, why we still need STUN/TURN?

If your openfire is on a public IP address, then you should not need a TURN server even if your clients are behind a NAT. The videobridge is acting a relay for all clients. If Openfire is behind a NAT, then that gets tricky and you may need a TURN server on a public IP address.

Appreciate for your help.