Ofmeet and offocus failed in a clustered Openfire with multiple nodes

I had two nodes in a clustered Openfire (v4.3.0) domain. When I added ofmeet and offocus plugins (v0.9.3) to the 1st node, Openfire Meets worked fine with that node (https://node1:7443/ofmeet). However, when I added them to the 2nd node, these plugins in both nodes got a lot of errors. Eventually I had to remove the plugins from both nodes and reinstall them to the 1st node only.

Are these plugins designed to work in a clustered environment? If these plugins should work in clustered Openfire, are there any special configurations? So far, all the documents I read about Jitsi Videobridge, they only refer to a single server environment. Are there any documentations about scaling Openfire Meets?