OfMeet hosted behind a Firewall still unresolved

I had been trying to set up an OfMeet instance on a server that is placed behind firewall. I have set up NAT for this machine and I am able to access the application using the forward facing IP from within my network without any issues but the audio/video is not accessible to users that are outside the local network. I had made a post previously regarding this: [Newbie Query] Making Ofmeet work across NAT - yet another post.

I was hoping that this issue would get resolved over time and I shelved my project. With the release of the new versions of the code, I was very positive when I came back to it this week, but it is frustrating to see that the issue is still unresolved. The only thing I am yet to try is Jay’s solution of using a VPN (SoftEther) because his video link is not accessible anymore.

If any of you has implemented it in a setup similar to mine, I implore you to kindly help me out. I promise to create a good documentation if and when I work this out.

Looking forward to some positive response.