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Ofmeet-how to skip the account verfication

sorry,i’m using Openfire 4.3.2 and ofmeet 0.9.5.i met a problem yesterday and i don’t know how to fix it.could you give me a tip to solve the problem?
we are trying to use the function of mutil video in our project.i have studiedy the openfire,so i know about the ofmeet plugin.i think it’s wonderful plugin,but when i integrate ofmeet plugin into our project.
when i enter https://my-server.7443/ofmeet/test,i find that it need to submit the form with account and password.But,i can’t find the code in ofmeet plugin.I want to skip the account verification.could you give me a hand?
thank you.

i know that how to skip the account verification.

If you want to get help, then do not post multiple different questions into one topic. Someone could be knowing how to help you with microphone, but your topic says its about account verification, so such person would just skip your topic…

Delete last message here and post it as a separate topic. If account verification issue is resolved for you, then mark this topic as resolved (press on 3 dots besides your reply and click on a checkbox icon).

sorry,this is my first question on openfire.
could you tell me how to close mark resolved?

Press 3 dots below your message besides heart, link and pencil. Here you should see the checkbox button.