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Ofmeet plugin token based authentication not working

I am working with ofmeet plugin in openfire for one to one video call functionality and i am following this link for video call like serverIp:portnumber/ofmeet/groupname -> http://serverip:7070/ofmeet/new1 working perfectly and i have follow this link using my mobile app display popup when i add a openfire registered username and password, it becomes a login but i need to token based authentication like not needed popup for userauthentication.
please suggest me and give me step for any tokenbased authentication plugin in openfire + ofmeet plugin.
openfire-version: - 4.3.2
Openfire Meetings:- 0.9.5

Openfire Meetings does not directly support any token authentication. To avoid that popup, you can do either of two things

Solved issue.
Thanks @Dele_Olajide :grinning: